Economacs 6.0.53
  • 6.0.53

    Changes in this version:

    • Page numbers are now shown correctly on custom invoice templates.
    • Fixes problems with entries from invoices with invoice items having a total amount of zero.
    • Fixes problems with missing invoice item on multi-page invoices using some invoice templates.
    • Supports date format "20160511" when importing bank account statements.
    • Prevents balancing on old rows when editing existing entries.
    • Fixes an issue with delivery addresses on invoices.
    • You can now sort the invoice list by invoice status.
    • Fixes a crash when repeatedly opening the same version 5-format file.
    • The lowest VAT rate for Norway is updated to 10%.
    • The default country for new contacts is now the same as "your" country.
    • Properly displays fractional VAT rates on invoices.

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