Economacs 6.0.31
    • Copying from the balance and profit / loss reports is now possible. Choose the menu item Edit > Copy.
    • You can no longer add supplier invoices without an invoice number.
    • The help text bubble for the VAT report now works properly.
    • Fixes an issue with importing contacts from Contacts in Mac OS X.
    • Fixes a crash when printing the contents of the accounts receivable report.
    • Fixes a problem with scrolling the suppliers and customers report when entering the view a second time.
    • Fixes a problem where pending entries were filed after doing a SIE import.
    • You can now select multiple supplier invoices to print a list of supplier invoices.
    • Fixes a crash when undoing the duplication of a supplier invoice.
  • 6.0.29

    Changes in this version:

    • Fixes problems with exporting SRU-files (for Sweden).
    • Fixes problems with paying invoices where I.R.P.F. was deducted (for Spain).
    • Fixes french translation errors.
    • Fixes a crash in the accounts receivable report.
    • Double-clicking an account in the accounts drawer now selects the account under Other/manual entry.
    • The template "Small green/blue boxes" has been adjusted to show only the company name under Recipient.

  • 6.0.27

    Changes in this version:

    • Fixes an issue with custom invoice templates.
    • When filing multiple entries directly from Pending, the popover now includes all entries.
    • Fixes an issue where entries couldn't be automatically balanced.
    • Allows setting fractional VAT rates under Settings / VAT.

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