Migrating from Economacs 3.x to 5
  • Hi there,

    I've been using Economacs for many years, and it seems that I haven't kept up to speed on the updates sent out: I'm still running on 3.4.2, but today I thought I'd check for updates on the site (the old version didn't have a build in update-checker), as I'm experiencing some problems with the old version. So, I updated and to my surprise, I was now suddenly on 5.something. However, this made me unable to open my old .bok-file, as apparently, you cannot open 3.x files in 5.x. Nor do I see any obvious "migrating" tools in 5.x allowing me to do some kind of import of the old file.

    I'm not completely f..ked, since I have Economacs on two machines and thereby still have 3.4.2 on one machine, where I can open my accounts. But I'd still like to move to v5 to hopefully see my problems sorted out.

    In short: How to open/import a 3.4.2 account-file in Economacs 5?

    best, Lars
  • As you've discovered, Economacs 5 cannot directly open files from version 3. They must first be converted, by opening them in version 4. You can either download version 4 using this link:
    or you can send the file to support@economacs.com and we'll take care of it for you.

    Note that Economacs 5 is a paid upgrade (currently €39 + 25% VAT where applicable). If you want to continue using version 3, then I recommend that you update to the latest release of Economacs 3, which you can download here:

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