Customer / Supplier list
  • Hi

    I am reviewing Economacs 5 as I need to implement a new accounting system in my company, so far
    it looks like this is exactly what I need.

    I do have a question though, when preparing invoice in/out I am missing to be able to pick your customer/supplier.
    Maybe I am missing something and this function it there in which case I need directions.

    If this function is not present then it would be hugely appreciated as many entries are for the same customer/supplier.


  • Currently Economacs does not have an internal list for this. Instead, the Mac OS X Address Book is used. When entering an address, you can click the Address Book icon to fetch an address from the Address Book.

    The first time you start Economacs, Mac OS X will ask you whether to give the app access to the Address Book. If you say No, then this feature will not work. To give Economacs access you can enter System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy, then Privacy. Select Contacts, and make sure Economacs is checked in the list to the right.

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