Request for keyboard shortcuts
  • Thanks for a really excellent program!

    One weakness of Economacs in terms of workflow is that unlike many OSX apps, it has no built-in or customisable keyboard shortcuts. For example, CMD-S would be really useful when 'sending' invoices, or filing new entries. A shortcut to mark a sales invoice as paid would be another example - I'm sure there are lots of others.

    Please can you add keystrokes as a feature in the future - I get very bored of having to use my mouse or the touchpad the whole time when working on my accounts :-(
  • There are a few shortcuts:
    cmd - R for filing an entry
    opt - cmd - N to create a new row in an entry
    cmd - B to balance the current row in an entry

    I will add further keyboard shortcuts as a feature request for the next major version of Economacs.

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