Setting the APP Laungage
  • I have version 4 installed on my Mac Pro and is now moving over to a new MacBook Pro and I have one little question. Both run Mac OS X in English, but on the old Mac Pro I run Economacs in Danish and I can't figure out how to change over the language on the new installations. Seems to recall there is a setting, but cannot remember where, can you help?
  • Hi, guess I just found the line that needs to be copied in Terminal to change App Language "defaults write se.aderstedtsoftware.economacs AppleLanguages '(da)'" and hit return, and it now works.

    Funny thing is it says so in the Help Documents, but only the Danish which is only working once you have Danish as App Language.
  • Yes, this is what you need to do in version 4.

    In version 5 there is a setting for this under Economacs > Preferences, under the Language & country tag.

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