year end
  • We are approaching the year end, and I do not see a way to create a yearly report in Economacs. Is it just me, or is that feature not in there?
    I can create an XML file, but I don't know anyway to make use of an xml file on OSX.
  • In what format would you like the yearly report?
  • Not sure really, but for reporting to tax authorities I guess excel would do
  • So.. you'd need the balance and profit reports in Excel format?
  • I will probably just print from Economacs, one side at the time.
  • For some reason, when I want to print the overview (Oversigt) page it comes out mirrored? Even if that makes my curves significant better, I think its an error ;-)
  • Ah, thank you. It seems printing the overview isn't implemented at all (you're the first one to notice, or at least tell me). What you're seeing is the default implementation provided by Mac OS X.

    I'll put this on my todo-list.
  • Hi Erik,
    I have an other question related to year end procedures. The result of the fiscal year is shown on the profit and loss account which is selected in the settings of the company. At the closing of the fiscal year and opening of a new fiscal year I cannot track what happens to this amount. Can you explain?
  • Normally, you would (manually) create an entry on the last day of the year moving this amount from the 'Expense' side (if it you made a profit) to your Equity. Economacs doesn't handle this for you.

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