Error box in OSx 10.9 Maverixs
  • First time I open Economacs 5.1.10 (1029) every day I get en errorbox from OSx.
    Economacs works fine, and I have not seen anything else is wrong, so it is more or less just an inconvenience. I suspect it to be something with the automatic search for updates. Anyone else seen this? And maybe found a way around it.
  • Download 5.1.11 from our web page to fix this problem – it is indeed a problem with checking for updates automatically on 10.9 using 5.1.10 or earlier.
  • Hi Erik,
    I tried downloading 5.1.11 but my comp keeps telling me the file is corrupt and leaves me no choice but to put it in the trashcan. No mather where I downloaded the file. Can you check if there could be a reason for this, or maybe we can install the update-file manually?

    Thanks in advance!
  • This seems to be a problem with certain web browsers. We've solved the problem and a version without this problem will be uploaded in a few hours.
  • I have tryed Safari and Firefox, with corrupt files as result. Looking forward to an update
  • This issue has now been resolved. Please try downloading again.
  • Done, and issue solved. Thanks

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